Tandem Flight Programs

The Tandem Experience:

The exhilaration of first flight has never been easier than with one of our Tandem Instructional flight programs. You can experience flight by launching from either a mountainside, or directly from a sandy beach with our tow launched Introductory Tandem Experience program.

Before your flight, your instructor will guide you through a brief ground school session that will introduce you to the fundamentals of paraglider control, launching, and landing. Then you will spend a few minutes in our flight simulator to get a 'feel' for how the glider flies. When you are finished and ready to go, you will be off on your first Paragliding flight! With favorable weather conditions, you will even be allowed to take the controls of the glider and, with a little coaching, actually be able fly it yourself.

As you near the end of your flight, your instructor will again take the controls for the final approach and landing.

Afterwards, you will never look at the sky the same way again!

Introductory Tandem Experience

Our revolutionary towing system enables us to offer tow launched tandem flights from scenic Sunset Beach on Oregon's spectacular North Coast, just north of Seaside. The instructor and student launch in a two place glider directly from the sandy beach, then climb as high as 3000 feet over launch, (conditions permitting). All while enjoying breathtaking views with ample opportunity for the student to get 'hands on' time at the controls of the glider to fully experience flight. Sunset Beach, just north of Seaside, Oregon, is our most frequent venue for our Tandem training flights, providing spectacular scenery and fresh air, all followed by a soft landing on the beach, commonly right back where you launched from.

Click here to see our video: Extended Introductory Tandem Experience! (Which includes 3 hours of hands on training with a glider!)