Course Prices

Tandem - USHPA Certified Flight Programs:

Introductory Tandem Experience [ITE]
             --- Same Day Second Flight

Tandem Flying!
Extended Introductory Tandem Experience [EITE]
- Included 3 hours of Solo Training
(Offered during weekday training sessions only)

ITE Group Discounts:

Group Size Discount Price/person
2 pilots $10.00 each $159.00
3-4 pilots $15.00 each $154.00
5-6 pilots $20.00 each $149.00
7-10 pilots $25.00 each $144.00
-- For larger groups, please contact us for more information --

Paragliding - USHPA Certified Solo Flight Training

One Day Introductory Course $275.00* Group Lesson
Two Day Extended Introductory Course $475.00*
Beginner (P-1) Program - Average 5 days $1100.00*
Novice (P-2) Program - Average 11-13 days $2400.00**
All of our Paragliding training programs include a 30 day membership to the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association. Pilots wishing to continue their training can, if necessary, purchase an additional 30 membership for $12/ea, or an annual USHPA pilot membership (with additional benefits).
* Course fees are cumulative and are applied to the Beginner and/or Novice packages.
** Novice course must be completed within a 12 month time frame, or additional fees may apply.
** Lesson discounts are also available with equipment package purchase.

Powered Paragliding Courses: USPPA Certified

Beginning Flight Program - Average 5 days
(Learning to fly PG before the Transition to Motor Flight .)
$1100.00 Zenith

Transition to Motor Flight - Average 5 days
(After completion of Beginning Flight Program above.)

Tech and Tune Course - Average 1-2 days $250.00
 - Total course price varies for pilots with prior PG/PPG experience -

Advanced Skills Clinics:

Reserve Parachute Clinic
Includes theory, simulator deployment, and repack.
$55.00 extreme kiting
Special Skills Clinics Varies
Weather Clinic
Includes site specific analysis and weather theory.

Instructor Training Programs:

Basic Instructor Training Program (3 Days) $695.00 United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association - USHPA
Instructor Renewal Program (2 days) $495.00
Advanced Instructor Training Program(2 days) $495.00
Tandem 1 Training (2 day) $525.00
Tandem Instructor Program (2 days) $495.00