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Solo Flight Training

One and Two day Introductory Courses:

Our one and two day introductory courses are designed for those who would prefer learning to fly completely 'solo'. If you are already sure that paragliding is for you, than this is a great way to get started.

The first day begins with a brief discussion about glider components, after which the student will spend several hours gaining ground handling experience. The normal day ends with a few short flights from either our training hill, or from our tow system.

The second day builds on the skills of the first, allowing ample time for longer and higher flights. New techniques will be introduced, including tricks for higher winds and some alternative launch methods. The two-day course does not need to be on consecutive days, but information retention is best if completed within 2-3 weeks.

Beginner Program:

Our 4-5 day Beginner Training Program takes you from your first day up to the point where you are ready for that first launch from a higher elevation, typically greater than 1000'. It provides a great introduction to most aspects of paragliding flight, with a strong emphasis on 'ground handling' which helps you confidently control your glider during those critical moments right before your feet leave the ground!

With our winch and tow training programs, you will also get ample flight time, with each flight lasting up to 10 minutes as we progress through many in-flight techniques designed to maximize your personal safety and overall skill progression.

Not quite sure you're ready to commit for the full Novice training program, but know you want more than the Two Day Intro? This course is the option for you! If in the end, you find you still want to keep learning, this course is 100% transferable towards your Novice Paragliding Rating.

 Novice Program:

Our Novice Training Program takes you from the first day to a level of experience where you are capable and qualified to make your own flight decisions. As you progress through this program you will be introduced to coastal and thermal flying sites, tow launching, beginning ridge and thermal soaring techniques, tandem instructional flights, practical flight theory, and much more. We take great pride that our Beginner and Novice programs are the most complete in the area, and that our graduated students consistently reflect this fact.