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Advanced Training

Let our USHPA and USSPA Master Rated Instructors take you beyond the basics with our 'Higher Learning' programs.

Special Skills Courses

We offer a variety of clinics and special events to help you work towards the rather varied list of 'special skills' offered by the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association.

These include:

360° Turns
Cliff Launch
Foot Launch
Flat Slope Launch
High Altitude Launch
Restricted Landing Field
Ridge Soaring
Surface Tow
Cross Country

Advanced Ratings

After earning your Novice Rating, your learning and skill building can continue as you work towards your Intermediate and Advanced ratings. Perhaps eventually gaining enough experience and expertise to earn your own Master Rating. Regardless of how 'experienced' any of us are, it's a big sky up there, and the learning never stops. It's genuinely one of the major factors that makes paragliding such a lifelong obsession for many of us. Not only is paragliding a LOT of fun, the learning process is also continually very rewarding!


Towing Certification Programs

We have one of the best locations for towing in the entire US, and are happy to share our knowledge in making this alternative method for getting up into the air available to everyone. Learn about towing dynamics, angle of attack, safest and best towing practices, weak link and winch choices, etc.

Our Tow Tech clinic gives you the basics and a good foundation to be a competent winch operator.

For those wanting to go further, our Towing Administrator program gives you an advanced level of competency and experience. Towing Administrators can also certify Tow Tech candidates.

Instructor Training Program

Our three part USHPA certified Instructor Training Program (ITP) is designed to teach you how to work with the dynamic range of students you might encounter. After your initial three day clinic, we can assist you during your apprenticeship period, followed by a two day Instructor Evaluation Clinic where you can earn your Basic Instructor Appointment.

With experience, we can help you work towards and earn your Advanced Instructor Appointment which enables you to grant Intermediate and Advanced Pilot ratings and special skills to the growing number of your school's proud alumni.

There is an expression that says if you really want to learn how to do something, learn how to teach it well. This couldn't be more true than with Paragliding. Plus, there are very few things more rewarding than seeing one of your students go from those first days, to being an experienced, competent pilot, and perhaps eventually becoming an instructor themselves.

Tandem Instructor Training Program

Have you ever thought about taking another person flying with you? If so, then our Tandem Instructor Program is for you!
While tandem flight is one of the most amazing things you can do in a paraglider, it also is a tremendous responsibility as you are literally taking someone else's life and good health into your own hands. Our program gets you started sensibly, and helps you become the expert Tandem Pilot who moms and dads would love to send their kids up into the air with. That IS the kind of pilot you want to be, right?!?