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Advantages of PPG Towing

Why Tow a Powered Paraglider?

One of the most daunting moments in learning how to fly a powered paraglider comes when the student is finally ready for that first power on flight. Perhaps even their first ever flight, if towing or a training hill is not available.

Many questions arise for the student as they prepare for those first flights:

- How much throttle will I need?
- Will the torque be hard to steer against?
- How much will the glider pendulum when I add/let off the gas?
- Will I be able to get off the ground without breaking a propeller?
- What if I trip?!?
- Etc...

While all of these questions can be addressed in theory, giving the student a good understanding of what to expect, there's nothing quite like firsthand experience. That's where the winch and tow launched flight come in.

With our Pay-Out winch system, we are able to incrementally add all the bits and pieces of Paraglider and Powered Paraglider flight, without requiring giant and often intimidating steps. First flights will be without a motor at all, then a few flights with our paramotor training frame until the student is ready for that first motor on flight.

Even on that first powered flight, we 'cheat' a bit to keep it simple and safe. By towing up with the power off, then having you start the motor in flight, we are able to remove even more of the unknown variables from the learning process. Go ahead, fly around for a while and really get the feel of what it's like to fly with a motor. We'll run you through several in flight drills, then when it's time to come down, you simply turn off the engine and land much the same as you have many times before, the only new variable being the extra weight of the motor on your back.

Eventually, with the confidence that comes from having developed an extensive foundation of skills, it simply becomes the next natural step to launch unassisted and power on! It's moments like those that bring huge, involuntary smiles to everyone. Really great fun!

As depicted in the images on this page, our training program was recognized by international leaders in the sport as being not only innovative, but exceptional with the addition of towing to the powered training syllabus.

Note: Paramotor Magazine is now combined with Cross Country Magazine, which is the internationally recognized publication for our free flight sports! Contact us if you would like to become a subscriber. (It's an excellent educational and inspirational resource!)