Maps - Directions

How to find us!

If we are towing, we will be located somewhere between the Del Rey and Sunset Beach approaches (entrances).  and our typical meeting location is on the beach at the Sunset approach, and we travel south to the location of the day from there.

If the winds are coming from the north, we will be located closer to the Del Rey approach, while if the winds are coming from the south, we will be closer to Sunset.

Locations marked below are approximate, and will vary daily due to beach use, wind direction, and tidal conditions. Call or text us to find out exactly where we are on any given day. Our location varies to suit the weather conditions and class dynamic of the day.

Sunset Beach - Our Main Meeting Location

Del Rey Beach - Southern Entrance to the Beach.

Fort Stevens Flying - West Wind Locations

Cape Kiwanda - Playing in the Sandbox!