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Caught on Google Earth!


This view was taken down to a resolution altitude of approximately 2000' high. So, yes, this is about how things look when you are flying around up there! :-)

Unfortunately, time, tide and progress wait for no man, and the above pic is no longer the current Google Earth Image. Fortunately Google Earth is such an awesome program that you can now view historical imagery. Simply open Google Earth, click View, and then Historical Imagery. A slider bar will then appear, and you can set the image date to: September 6th, 2004. and presto, there we are again! Fantastic program!

If you don't have Google Earth installed on your computer yet, (and you have a fast connection), you should really consider it. The views of the world are fantastic, and you can ocassionally even find 'yourself' out there! :-) Google Earth

December 2012 Update: Google did it again, with a complete regional image update. It caught Brad outdoors yet again... Out mowing the lawn! Checking back on the calendar, that Friday was the only day that week that we weren't out on the beach teaching! Oh well, maybe we'll get caught with a glider up in the air next time! (We have been caught 'up in the air' with other mapping programs lately though too! Fun!)

January 2015 Update: Yes, Google finally caught us out on the beach again, (see pic below). Judging by the shadows, the lack of gliders, and the spot landing tarp being just beside the trailer, I am imagining the 2015 pic is as we had just arrived on the beach for some Wednesday afternoon flying.  Check it out on Google Earth. You can find us on the current imagery about 1/2 way between the Del Rey and Sunset approaches.

Google Discover 2015
Discover Paragliding on Google Earth again in 2015!