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Video Gallery

Check out this assortment of videos from our flying over the years.

Or, subscribe to our YouTube channel here: Discover Paragliding on YouTube!

Extended Introductory Tandem Experience

Our Extended Introductory Tandem Experience, not only gives you an amazing flight over Sunset Beach, but about 3 hours of hands on solo instruction. Yes, you can learn to fly too!

High Tide Flying - Don't try this at home!

Brad has been waiting a couple of years for the tides, timing, and winds to all come together to allow this flight to happen. The first 1/2 of this video definitely falls into the 'Don't try this at home' category!
The second 1/2 of the video is the rest of the gang having a great time in lighter winds and MUCH more beach!

Tamanique, El Salvador!

Recent fun in El Salvador: A short tandem flight in zero wind at a place we just had to fly! Great fun with new friends! By Discover Paragliding!
Music by our favorite local band: Blind Pilot "We are the tide"!

Cape Kiwanda

Day two of the Oceanside Open 2012. So much fun in the sandbox!

Spot Landing Practice

Sometimes you choose a landing spot, just because it's there!

Cape Lookout

A great day flying with students and new friends!

Iredale Gang!

Just a bunch of crazies, having a good time! On a beach, by a shipwreck, with a bunch of aerial toys!

Paraglider Dune Soaring with Brad and Maren

A 'couple' of hours of airtime for your 'Couple' of Instructors!

Paragliding Low Over Area B

Sometimes you just gotta see just how low you can go!
When the winds get strong enough, it's an entertaining challenge to see if you can soar as close to the beach as possible!